Organizational Development and Management

Facilitation and Stakeholder Management

Quality is often defined by how well the project achieves success in meeting the schedule, budget, and established scope. Yet it is more than that. As quality assurance contractors, we have spent years honing our craft through objective and subjective observations. Quality Assurance is the systematic measurement and monitoring of progress against standard practices that reduce risks and errors within a product or process. When correctly applied, the process allows organizations to understand the complex challenges inherent to programs, operations, and technology projects.  

In summary, quality assurance:

  • Ensures that project methodologies, standards and controls are appropriate and reasonable for the project environment.
  • Assesses the adequacy of – and adherence to – project standards and controls, issue tracking, risk management, and change control procedures.
  • Provides a framework for making project course corrections when appropriate, and for highlighting opportunities for quality improvement.

To ensure quality remains at the forefront of a project, Sightline consultants employ a broad framework for implementing quality management that integrates subjective and objective criteria throughout each project.  

While many quality assurance consultants are skilled at applying checklists and understanding the objective criteria, we have found it equally important to apply an artistic lens to each project. Miscommunications, flawed perceptions, and unrealistic expectations can also jeopardize a project, but can be managed by subjective assessments.

Organizational change is inevitable.  Successful change, however, requires thoughtful strategic planning and execution. We bring a wide array of tools to help you assess your organization’s readiness for change, develop needed skill sets, and inspire your team to excel in today’s dynamic environment.  Our range of services includes:

  • Strategic planning and alignment
  • Business process analysis and redesign
  • Lean management
  • Innovative problem solving
  • Meeting design and facilitation
  • Team building and group facilitation

In our experience, engaging staff, customers and other stakeholders in key initiatives dramatically increases the likelihood of success. Organizations that find meaningful ways to collaborate with stakeholders end up with more efficient and innovative approaches to problem-solving.  Sightline, LLC can help you design innovative engagement strategies using a wide range of services including:

  • Environmental scans and strategic assessments
  • Stakeholder engagement plans
  • Meeting design and facilitation
  • Strategic planning and change management